How to drive FREE targeted traffic to your website

The interest for SEO services expanded to a record-breaking high this year. As clients relocated as a group to the internet-based world, even the most settled organizations comprehended they expected to facilitate their advanced change. Website design enhancement is the most plausible and financially savvy technique for both arrangement and arriving at customers at basic […]

Save Your Business: Take it Online

online business

The COVID-19 pandemic has truly taken its toll on small businesses around the world. With many lockdown regulations banning the trade of certain items, along with customers’ loss of spending power and enforced social distancing, many small businesses are struggling and even being forced to shut down. But there is hope. And it comes in […]

Why it’s Important to Maintain Your Website

Why it’s Important to Maintain Your Website Once you have created an epic website, it can be tempting to just forget about it and hope that it creates leads on its own but its important that you maintain your website regularly. But unfortunately, that’s not how websites work. A website should be treated somewhat as […]

Our Top 3 SEO Tools for WordPress

Our Top 3 SEO Tools for WordPress Making use of a SEO Tool to improve your WordPress site is definitely worthy of all the hype that surrounds it. The higher up your website appears in Google searches, the more potential customers you’ll have for your business! It’s that simple. Here at Website Brothers we specialise in […]

Content Management System

Content Management System Content Management Systems are platforms created to manage content on your website. There are plenty of options when it comes to selecting a content management system for a development project, we customize each one. Some content management system websites have got better tools to create content and some are just made simply […]

Website Design at It’s Finest

Website Design at It’s Finest With a solid experience in website design of over 11 years, Website Brothers in Durban are the go-to resource for web development and online marketing. If you are starting your website from scratch, or you want to completely overhaul an obsolete-looking webpage, you cannot opt for better professionals than the […]