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As our world continues to move further and further into the digital realm, it’s imperative to keep up with the times and offer the most innovative online services possible. Mobile App Development has taken the consumer market by storm. Mobile apps are now ubiquitous, and are used by more than 72% of your potential customers, so it’s time you tap into this!

With new and exciting features being introduced all the time, mobile apps continue to make consumers’ lives easier, more streamlined, and simply just more entertaining! Mobile apps are undoubtedly the way of the future.

Oyster Media presents you an effective solution in bringing your mobile app concepts to life. With years of experience, and a passion for staying on top of digital trends, it’s our promise to deliver an unforgettable mobile experience.

Types of Mobile Apps
Mobile App Development FAQs
What is native app development?
The term ‘native app development’ refers to the development of mobile apps that are created for specific devices and platforms.
How long does a mobile app development project take?
From the beginning stages all the way through to the finishing touches, mobile app development usually takes a few months to complete. The exact timeframe will depend on the features you want to include in your mobile app.
How will I get potential customers to download my mobile app?
The answer is easy; you’ll need to market your app! Marketing your app on social media and your website, as well as through press releases, will help you get more app downloads.
Which is better? Android app development or iOS app development?
This will depend entirely on your customer base, but if you want to get as many downloads as possible, we recommend investing in both!